Studies and custom-built products

Ultraflux engineers put their experience and expertise to use in developing custom-built products to perfectly meet the needs of their customers. The company also offers “turnkey” solutions.


Our sales agents are happy to discuss all of your specific requests, which will then be passed along to our implementation engineers, who will study the feasibility of your project.
Our engineers work in partnership with the Research and Development department to validate the feasibility of the requests received using a set of internal testing methods (fluid loop, ultrasound bench, etc.).
Ultraflux is also able to model and simulate all the complexity of ultrasound flow rate measurement (ultrasound and flow propagation, interaction of fluids, etc.) prior to laboratory validation of the equipment.

From theory to on-the-ground application
Theory → modelling → digital simulation →laboratory-controlled case  → real case

Measurement spool pieces

In order to satisfy specific needs relating to (liquid and gas) fluid processes, Ultraflux can work with the customer to design measurement spool pieces. This development can lead to:

  • a “turnkey” solution (mainly for small spools): provision of a pipe spool and a flow meter (intrusive probes and converter).
  • a partnership with the customer: provision of the specific ultrasound part (intrusive probes and converter) and the pipe spool plan.

Probes, supports and other equipment

With a view to offering measuring solutions that integrate perfectly into their environment, Ultraflux can create made-to-measure developments to meet a specific customer requirement: creation of specific probes, supports or equipment according to precise specifications.

Integration of external measurements

Some Ultraflux converters can integrate external measurements (e.g. pressure and temperature). Our engineers can configure specific functions in your converter according to precise specifications.