The requirements for flow measurement in industry are extremely varied. They can be for measurements on liquid or gas fluid flows, full pipe or surface flows and can be permanent or one-off measurements.

Ultraflux ultrasound expertise

Process applications

The flow measurement ultrasound technology using clamp-on probes meets most of the problems encountered in industry. Ultraflux clamp-on probes allow a measurement point to be installed on existing installations, which may even be very old, regardless of the fluid measured: process water, oil, soda, etc. The installation of these clamp-on probes can be both permanent or temporary. Ultraflux can also supply intrusive or wetted probes according to the specifics of your application.

Portable flow meters for maintenance

Maintenance services are regular users of Ultraflux portable flow meters (Uf 801 P, Minisonic P). These devices are available with probes, some on magnetic slides, in order to meet very varied in-the-field problems:

  • pump control,
  • monitoring of possible measurement contamination on existing flow meters,
  • distribution of water in each production unit to enable consumption optimisation,etc.

Application case

The extent of the Ultraflux range allows the company to respond to very different concrete cases. This means that Ultraflux is present in numerous sectors, including the motor vehicle industry, papermaking industry and the textile industry.

View the following examples of Ultraflux flow meters in real utilisation conditions:
Flow rate measurement of gaseous nitrogen
Pump flow rate measurement