Ultraflux is a French SME specialising in flow measurement instrumentation based on the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. Created in 1974, the company has genuine expertise in ultrasound flow metering thanks in particular to its experience on an extensive installed base of devices around the world.

Ultraflux has always designed, developed, manufactured and sold its own range of flow meters, detectors and probes.

Production site

Made in France

All our products are manufactured in France in our production facility at Éragny sur Oise in the Paris region. This 100% French production enables us to offer our customers greater reactivity and impeccable quality.

Quality approach

Quality enhancement and sustainable development

For many years the company has been committed to a global policy aimed at optimising quality while addressing the environmental problems encountered. In this respect, Ultraflux is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and certain products (converters, probes, etc.) are ATEX certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Technology used

Flow measuring by ultrasonic transit time difference

Ultraflux has acquired proven expertise in the ultrasonic transit time technology and has always focussed its developments around this central theme. Ultraflux products are technically at the cutting edge, cover the requirements of very varied sectors and take advantage of the latest technological innovations.


Ultrasound flow meters

They can be fixed or portable, single or multi chord, single or multi pipe/multi channel, for full pipe applications or for free surface flow*, for liquids or gases, for use in an “ordinary” environment or in explosive atmospheres. We also manufacture custom-built pipe spools that meet your specific requirements and manufactured on demand according to your specifications.

*open or irrigation channels, rivers, partially filled pipes, etc.


We also propose sphere and scraper and pig detectors as well as interface detectors for the oil industry, all offering reliable detection based on our in-depth expertise in ultrasound waves.


Ultraflux has an extensive range of probes enabling the company to respond to all types of applications encountered. Ultraflux develops and markets the three main families of probes: clamp-on probes, insertion or intrusive probes and wetted probes (for free flows).