Flowmeters for liquids – full pipes

To measure full pipe liquid flows, Ultraflux proposes two types of device: fixed flow meters and portable flow meters all operating with ultrasonic transit time difference technology.

Reminder: a full pipe is either a pressurized pipe or a pipe, usually circular or oval, completely filled by a fluid (liquid or gas).
NB: we shall only deal here with measurements on full pipes containing liquids.

Our fixed stations

Ultrasound fixed flow meters

Our flow meters provide an accurate and cost effective solution to instantaneous and total liquid flow measurement in full pipes and meet most industrial requirements.
Their advantages include:

  • possible utilisation with clamp-on probes (no load loss or process rupture),
  • wide dynamic measuring range,
  • multi chord measurement (up to eight simultaneous speed measurements),
  • multi pipe measurement (up to eight different pipes),
  • device standardisation regardless of the diameter,
  • operation on non conducting fluid (sea water, hydrocarbon, etc.).

Explore our fixed flow meters and their characteristics below:
Minisonic II
Uf 811
Uf 821
Uf 831