Minisonic G EXD

The Ultraflux Minisonic G explosion-proof is used to carry out gas flow measurements in dangerous zones. The electronics of this device are isolated in a cast iron unit and the device is used with intrusive probes or clamp-on probes (which may if necessary be EEx’m’ protection probes).

Nature of equipment

Fixed flow meter (for use in hazardous explosive atmospheres)

Conditions of use

  • On full pipes,
  • In explosive areas (with its explosion-proof enclosure).

Pipe diameters

Up to 1500 mm

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 2 current outputs, 4-20mA (1000Ω galvanically isolated as a passive output/impedance of 150Ω as an active output),
  • 2 static relay outputs (100V – 100mA – 10VA max).

Protection (IP)

IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Gain
  • Quality index

Available models

  • Standard
  • Dual pipe (identical probes)
  • Dual probe

Typical applications

Measuring flow rate of any type of gas in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX), including hydrocarbons in particular (methane, propane, butane, etc.).

Download Minisonic G datasheet.

Discover our Minisonic G – standard enclosure.

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