Uf 801 P (Portable)

This portable ultrasound flow meter enables you to carry out your maintenance operations with ease. A genuine in-the-field device, the external probes and high degree of autonomy of the Uf 801 P make it THE perfect portable flow meter for your diagnostics and controls. It is also easy and fast to install and configure. User-friendly and ergonomic, its use is intuitive. In addition, to facilitate the operation of the internal logger, the Uf 801 P has an integrated Excel macro.

Nature of equipment

Portable flow meter

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

Optional inputs/outputs

Up to 4 modules to choose from:

  • 1 isolated, active analogue output: current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 static relay outputs usable as frequency outputs (up to 1kHz),
  • 2 isolated current inputs 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 isolated, passive analogue 0-10V inputs: 0 to 15V voltage,
  • 2 contact inputs (pulse or state).


IP 68


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Oscilloscope function (echo displayed)
  • Gain
  • Quality index

Maximum number of speed chord

2 chods

Available models

  • Standard
  • Dual pipe
  • Dual chord
  • Calorimeter
  • Dual calorimeter

Typical applications

  • Drinking water: Leakage detection, pump flow control, control of in-line flow meters, etc.
  • Water (raw, waste): Pump flow control.
  • Flow surveys: Troubleshooting installations, resolving disputes, etc.
  • Civil engineering: Validation of system performance before handover of a project.
  • Climate engineering: System balancing, thermal assessment (water for air conditioning and heating systems), etc.
  • Hydrocarbons: Temporary flow measurement.

Download Uf 801 P datasheet

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