Flow meter hire

Ultraflux offers a complete range of services and has a selection of devices specifically for hire.

This flow meter hire service allows you to:


  • take measurements over a short period of time without investing in the purchase of a flow meter,
  • occasionally verify flow rate,
  • check that the devices work correctly on your application before considering a purchase.
Ultraflux quality commitment

Before going out and upon their return, our hire kits are subject to rigorous testing and checks in order to ensure that each user receives them in the best condition possible.

Contents of the hire case

Ultraflux’s rental kit comprises a rigid case containing:

  • a Uf 801 P portable converter,
  • 2 pairs of probes
  1. 1 pair of SE-1586E2 probes: DN15 to DN110 – maximum temperature during use 120°C,
  2. 1 pair of SE-1707 probes: DN40 to DN1000 – maximum temperature during use 180°C,
  • 1 bottle of low temperature connection gel (below 80°C),
  • 2 cables: PC-converter and converter-probes connector,
  • 1 CD-ROM including the configuration software and the technical instructions,
  • 1 RS232-USB converter,
  • 1 charger,
  • 1 power cord,
  • 2 material straps.

–> It is possible, on request, to obtain:

  • a pair of probes for an ND of more than 1000 mm,
  • a bottle of high temperature connection gel (below 180°C).

Geographical scope

Our service is available in mainland France. However, it may be available under certain conditions in Europe and the French overseas territories.
To know if you are geographically allowed to benefit from our service, please contact us.

This option gives you all of the advantages of the latest generation ultrasonic flow rate measurement tools at a reduced cost and without any commitment. The portable flow meter Uf 801 P is easy to install and will provide you with reliable and precise measurements.