Ultraflux has the capacity to manage non-standard applications and to put in place measuring equipment on complex installations and large-scale projects.
Upon request, Ultraflux can also provide on-site support and supervision for the installation of equipment in order to satisfy customer demands and respond to the challenges of more complex projects.

Technical expertise

As a pioneer of ultrasonic flow rate measurement, the company Ultraflux developed the first flow meters and detectors in the 1970’s. Following on from this first success, Ultraflux has continued to innovate and design ever more effective measurement instruments in line with market requirements. To achieve this, it has relied largely on analysing and using feedback from a wide range of devices installed in France and abroad. This has enabled Ultraflux to develop real expertise in ultrasound flow rate measurement.
Furthermore, Ultraflux engineers and doctors have extensive technical and theoretical skills combined with highly effective tools: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software enables them, for example, to simulate flow speed fields based on site conditions.

Project management

Thanks to its proven ability to measure flow rate using ultrasound, Ultraflux can provide you with advice and guidance to determine the most appropriate solution for your specific applications. Our team can support you throughout the life of your project (from precisely defining your requirements to activating your device). When managing large-scale projects, our engineer project managers act as the interface with the various internal teams (production, R&D, etc.) and external parties (design offices, service providers, etc.). If required, our team can set up a test phase (earthquake resistance, feasibility on the client site, etc.) to ensure that your requirements are met.
Furthermore, Ultraflux engineers use the latest equipment on site, including a dimensional measuring arm, which enables them to carry out:

  • dimensional monitoring of the spool pieces or pipes,
  • “field” assessments (to configure the flow meters).

Our project team (in partnership with the quality department) also manages everything relating to documentation: Ultraflux is able to provide any specific documents requested by a customer that are part of its quality system.