Ultraflux designs, manufactures and markets measuring equipment based on ultrasound technology.

In the 1970s, the company was a global pioneer and was the first to use ultrasound for flow measurement. Today, its expertise and extensive knowledge of the operation of ultrasound waves enables the company to offer equipment that is increasingly reliable and accurate.

Flow meters and detectors

Ultrasound flow meters

The Ultraflux range includes more particularly converters:

  • fixed or portable,
  • for liquids or gases,
  • for full pipe applications or for free surface flow,
  • single or multi pipe,
  • multi pipe or multi channel,
  • for use in “normal” environments or in explosive atmospheres.

To find out more about these flow meters, just click on the links below:
Flowmeters for liquids – full pipes
Flowmeters – free surface flows
Flowmeters – gas application
Flowmeters – ATEX certified

Sphere and scraper and pig detectors

Ultraflux proposes pipeline sphere and scraper and pig detection systems.

For more information on their operation, see our sphere and scraper and pig detection page.
You can also explore these products on sphere detectors page.

Interface detectors

Ultraflux designs interface detectors for the oil industry and chemical industry.

Click the interface detection link to explore their operation.
To view our products, visit the interface detectors page.

Measuring pipe spools

To meet a specific application or requirement, Ultraflux can develop single or multi chord measuring pipe spools.
For more information about this, please contact our sales team or visit our Studies and custom-built products page.


Clamp-on probes

Ultraflux develops external or clamp-on probes that can carry out fast and accurate measuring. One of the advantages of these probes is that they do not require any drilling on the pipe where the measurement is taken. This means there is no need to interrupt the on-going process.

Explore some of our clamp-on probes.

Insertion probes

Ultraflux has a wide range of insertion or intrusive probes that are developed in our research unit and manufactured in our production plant in the Paris region.

Explore our insertion/intrusion probes.

Wetted probes

For your free surface flow measurements, Ultraflux proposes an extensive choice of wetted probes developed to meet demanding applications with precision.

Click the link to view our wetted probes.