Minisonic 2000 EXD

This ultrasound flow meter has a very resistant cast iron unit that protects and isolates all the converter elements from the exterior (screen, buttons, electronic components and circuits, etc.). It is certified for use in explosive atmospheres and is coupled with at least a pair of probes (also ATEX certified if necessary).

Nature of equipment

Fixed flow meter (for use in hazardous explosive atmospheres)

Media measured


Conditions of use

  • On full pipes,
  • In explosive areas (with its explosion-proof enclosure).

Pipe diameter

Up to 3300 mm

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 2 current outputs, 4-20mA (1000Ω galvanically isolated as a passive output/impedance of 150Ω as an active output),
  • 2 static relay outputs (100V – 100mA – 10VA max).

Protection (IP)

IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Gain
  • Quality index

Maximum number of speed chord


Available models

  • Standard
  • Dual pipe (identical probes)
  • Dual probe

Typical applications

Measuring flow rate of any type of monophasic liquid in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX), including hydrocarbons in particular (naphtha, etc.).

Download Minisonic 2000 datasheet.

Click the following link for Minisonic 2000 – standard enclosure.

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