Interface detectors

Using acoustic transmission management and precise measurement of the speed of sound, Ultraflux also offers efficient and precise solutions for monitoring product quality and interface detection.


Our interface detectors carry out the measurement of the speed of sound in the product and the analysis of the acoustic signal. These elements, coupled with other values (density in particular) enable these devices to detect:

  • product changes in the pipeline

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Interface detection.


Ultraflux offers an ultrasound interface detector that can be used on all pipes with a diameter up to 1500 mm for liquid

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Typical applications

The Ultraflux interface detector enables you to carry out the following actions:

  • monitoring of refined or crude petroleum products transport by pipeline,
  • analysis of hydrocarbon density or concentration (control on shipment, analysis before reception),

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Drainage of hydrocarbon storage tanks


The easy installation of our devices also allows for temporary measurement during work on a pipeline (by-pass for example) in order to know the in-line product.

Our devices are available in standard enclosure or with an enclosure certified by the “Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques” (LCIE) for use in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).