Minisonic II ISD

This interface detector is used for ultrasonic detection of any change in the fluid nature in a pipeline, as a true successor to the Minisonic ISD.
Highly sensitive and accurate, this device provides even more reliable results and detects the passage of elements, even a high speeds.
Coupled with clamp-on probes, this detector represents an effective, static, wear-free system that doesn’t require process interruption.

Nature of equipment

Interface detector

Conditions of use

On full pipes

Pipe diameters

Up to 1500 mm

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 1 analogue output 4-20mA
  • 2 contact outputs

Connection :

  • Modbus RTU via RS 485 or HART (as an option)
  • Modbus TCP via Ethernet RJ45

USB connection for updating and downloading logger data


IP 67

Available models

  • Standard,
  • Explosion-proof.

Explosion-proof enclosure

Available with analog inputs/outputs as standard

    1. Inputs :

    2. 2 analog 4-20 mA inputs
    3. 2 Pt 100 Ohms inputs
    1. Outputs :

    2. 2 analog 4-20 mA outputs
    3. 3 contact outputs

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Compatible probes (Certification ATEX Ex mb II T6)

  • SXN-M 1524,
  • SXN-M 1698,
  • SXN-ME 1691,
  • SXN-ME 1679.

Typical applications

  • Hydrocarbons: Detection of product change, tank drainage and detection of the type of product in transit in the line


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