The agrifood industry has a dominant role in the world and European economies. It is made up of players with very varied profiles, from small local businesses to multinationals with extensive ramifications.

However, all these entities share a strong need for control, hygiene and security procedures. In this respect, they regularly need to employ flow meters whether to undertake a permanent measurement or for a one-off control of a flow. Ultraflux has, for many years, been the ongoing partner of the agrifood industry in France and abroad..

Ultraflux expertise

Flow measurement with fixed stations

Establishments active in preparing foodstuff products are subject to very strict rules and regulations. They must regularly check numerous parameters throughout the production chain. Flow rate is often one of these parameters. Factories for example regularly need to measure the flow rate during CIP (Cleaning In Place) phases between the production of two series. To meet this requirement, they can install fixed flow meters. Their choice is often for a device based on ultrasound technology. This repeated preference for ultrasound can be explained for the following reasons

  • Measurement using clamp-on probes having no contact with the fluid,
  • No risk of contamination of the fluid: optimum hygiene,
  • Possibility of measurements on high temperatures,
  • Measurement on numerous products, even non conducting ones.

Flow measurement with portable converters

Ultrasound portable flow meters have the same advantages as fixed units and the added advantage of being mobile. Since measurement point implementation is extremely easy and fast, Ultraflux flow meters are greatly appreciated especially by the maintenance services. In addition, our portable flow meters are often used to control other measurement devices (e.g. inline flow meters).

Concrete cases of application

Ultraflux has numerous references in the agrifood sector and in particular equips production sites for

  • milk,
  • infant formula,
  • fresh cream,
  • compote,
  • yoghurt, etc.