Oil and gas

The gas and hydrocarbons sector is complex and has a number of specificities. With extensive experience in this domain, Ultraflux can respond to very varied applications.

Ultraflux expertise

Gas flow measurement

Ultrasound flow meters are especially recommended for gas flow measurements because they adapt to the large variations in flows without affecting load loss and do not create interference on the medium and high pressure circuits.
Ultraflux has extensive experience in this domain and has, for example, installed the following measurement points:

  • flow meter (gas) on production/tests separator outlets,
  • flow meter (gas) on auxiliary production installations,
  • flow meter (gas) for re-injection and gas lift,
  • flow meter (gas) for gas pipelines, etc.

Liquid flow measurement

Ultraflux flow meters comply with the security and precision requirements imposed by the presence of hydrocarbons.
In particular, Ultraflux has installed the following devices:

  • flow meters on oil pipelines,
  • flow meters for water re-injection,
  • flow meters for oil measurement,
  • flow meters for liquefied gas measurement, etc.

Sphere and scraper and pig detection

Sphere and scraper and pig detection using ultrasound technology is especially recommended since the detectors can be placed without obstructing the flow and therefore without hindering the passage of the sphere and scraper/pig. Furthermore, the ultrasound detectors can be removed for verification without interrupting the transport.
Pioneer in ultrasound detection, Ultraflux has worked on very varied projects, including the following cases:

  • detector on oil evacuation pipeline,
  • sphere and scraper detector on gas pipelines,
  • sphere and scraper detector on oil pipelines, etc.

Interface detection

Ultraflux ultrasound detection equipment offers a reliable high security solution for interface detection. This equipment is perfectly adapted to detection of petrol in drainage water. Other possible uses of these ultrasound detectors include:

  • interface detection on leaving the refinery,
  • interface detection on loading/unloading petrol tankers,
  • interface detection and correction of the Woob index, etc.


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