Drinking water and sanitation

Drinking water, the essential resource for life, is managed in France by the public water and sanitation services. As part of the monitoring and maintenance of the network, these services use both portable and fixed flow meters.

Ultraflux expertise

Drinking water

Ultraflux equips in particular the main drinking water processing plants in the Paris region: from the pumping of raw water from the Seine, Marne and Oise rivers to the distribution. As these plants supply a high number of population equivalent (p.e.) our flow meters are often installed on diameters up to 2,500 mm. Furthermore, numerous farming operators/farmers have chosen Ultraflux portable flow meters to monitor their network.


In the sanitation domain, Ultraflux equips most of the sewer outfalls of Paris and the Paris area (towns in the inner and outer suburbs). Ultraflux products are able to respond to the very different problems and in this respect, Ultraflux is multiplying the projects with different profiles, especially in the treatment plants:

  • sludge flow measurement,
  • pumping station flow measurement,
  • sandy water flow measurement, etc.

Presentation of concrete cases

Examples of utilisation of our devices

Flow measurement on sewer

Some figures

In France:

  • 34,000 water catchment areas,
  • 18.5 million m3 taken each day.