Scraper and pig detectors

Ultraflux offers reliable and precise solutions for detection of spheres, scrapers and pigs in the oil industry.


Our equipment is used to detect efficiently and trace product separators and/or maintenance operators in a pipeline containing either a liquid or gaseous product. For further information, visit our Sphere and scraper and pig detection page.

Fixed models

The analysis of the acoustic signal enables the Ultraflux fixed converters to detect sphere and scraper passage even in cases of contiguous operators and even at high speeds.
To explore our ultrasound sphere and scraper detectors, visit our pages:
Minisonic PSD
Uf 841

Portable model

Portable execution of the Minisonic PSD detector is carried out on request (for details of this possibility, talk to your sales contact). This model is highly thought of by pipeline maintenance providers and the experts responsible for using sphere and scrapers equipped with instruments.

In particular, this tool enables them to:

  • check the position of the water plugs before freezing and undertaking different operations (connections, by-pass, etc.).
  • monitor using a quick installation instrument (magnetic clamp sensor) the time stamped progress of the scrapers or spheres.

Typical applications

Ultraflux sphere and scraper and pig detectors are used to detect and trace all types of:
– physical separators of hydrocarbons (sometimes also called pigs),
– cleaning scrapers or scrapers equipped with instruments (including foam type scrapers), encountered during petroleum product transport by pipeline.

View our detectors in real utilisation conditions through the following concrete cases:
Detection of spheres in the pipelines
Scraper detection in refineries

Our devices are available in standard enclosure or with an enclosure certified by the “Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques” (LCIE) for use in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).