HVAC / Climate control

Today, manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve the environmental and economic performance of their installations. To achieve this they are turning to companies specialising in climate control and offering a complete range of customised solutions.

These companies regularly use flow meters, for the most part portable, for their activities (management of heating and cooling networks, optimisation of industrial utilities, improvement of the energy performance of a building, encouraging the use of alternative and renewable energies, etc.).

Ultraflux expertise

Balancing water distribution

The Ultraflux portable converters (Uf 801 P and Minisonic P) are used in particular for balancing, maintaining and monitoring hot or cold water sanitation systems. Their advantages include:

  • fast and easy installation,
  • no need to interrupt the process,
  • operation possible on high temperatures,
  • no contact with the fluid (in this case, water).

Heat exchanger efficiency control

The Uf 801 P flow meter is also a reliable and practical tool for all calorimetry or frigorie operations.
For further details about the calorimetry/frigorie function, visit the Calorimetry page.

Concrete cases of application

Ultraflux portable ultrasound flow meters are especially suited for all tertiary maintenance operations.

In particular, see an example of
Measurement of thermal power in the chilled water system