Flowmeters – ATEX certified

Ultraflux offers a complete range of devices (probes, converters, Zener barriers, etc.) specially designed for your ATEX (in French, “ATmosphères EXplosibles” – means in English “explosive atmospheres”) flow measurements.


Our ATEX converters

Ultraflux offers different models of converters which can be located in ATEX zones or used remotely from a safe area. These converters have specific explosion-proof units made of cast-iron, aluminium or stainless steel and have been developed specifically by our research unit for use in explosive atmospheres.

For more information on these devices, visit our pages:
Minisonic 2000, explosion-proof
Minisonic G, explosion-proof
Uf 841

Our ATEX probes

Ultraflux has developed a range of probes to meet the specific requirements of applications located in explosive atmospheres. In particular, we are able, in certain conditions, to install probes in zone 0.

For more information:
Explore our ATEX certified probes.


Our equipment, available in single or multi chord versions, with clamp-on or intrusive probes, is certified by the LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques).

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It is possible to install Ultraflux devices on pre-existing equipment or to work exclusively with new equipment.
Our engineers and technicians are trained in installing and implementing our products in high risk environments and can, on request, assist you.

Typical applications

To view some utilisation examples of our devices in high risk environments, visit the following pages:
Flow measurement in an explosive area
Oil and gas

In addition to flow rate, other complementary physical parameters can also be transmitted (RS link), such as the speed of sound and amplification gain, to provide information on the quality of the product in the line, its density or composition, or even to detect gas phases or seal water.