Numerous Ultraflux products have been world firsts with some of them even leading the field by more than twenty years.

In 1969, the first patents were filed for measuring flows using ultrasound wave difference by two engineers and the future founder of Ultraflux via the Ultrasonic company (which a few years later became Ultraflux). These three Frenchmen were the true pioneers of this industry: it was a world first. A few years and a few prototypes later, the company started marketing its first devices.

Since then, Ultraflux has continued to be a pioneering company where innovation is very much a part of its DNA.

Significant events in the 1970s

In the 1970s, Ultraflux introduced the M212, the first interface detector on the market (world first). A few years later, the company marketed the M211, the first device to be sold under the Ultraflux brand and the first portable device with a tracking window available on the market (at the global level).

Significant events in the 1980s

It was during the 1980s that the UF 320 P was released, the first portable device with a digital interface on the market (world first), followed a few years later by the development and marketing of the first sphere detectors (world first).

Significant events in the 1990s

The 1990-2000 period saw the development of the UF2100 NL, a device for measuring the level of liquid in underground storage. The release of this device was accompanied by the filing of a patent in partnership with the Géostock company. The 1990s also saw the marketing of the DigiSonic P (DSP) portable flow meter, the first on the world market to offer digital processing of the ultrasound signal.

Significant events during 2000-2010

The following decade (2000-2010) saw the release of devices in the mythical Minisonic range. This period also saw the start of the integration in our devices of the acoustic signal optimisation by ESC (Echo Shape Control) exclusive technology.

Significant events in the 2010s

The years after 2010 have been marked by the release of the following devices: Uf 811, Uf 821 and Uf 831.