Uf 821

The Uf 821 flow meter is used to measure the flow of liquids in full pipe up to a diameter of 10,000 mm. Configurable via USB port, it is available in single and multi pipe versions and can integrate up to 4 measurement chords. It comes with an LCD graphic display and measurement validation indicators. Equipped with a multi-variable data-logger and maths functions generator, it can also receive optional input/out modules (analogue, digital, temperature, etc.). The Uf 821 takes into account the different flow regimes by Reynolds number calculation.

Nature of equipment

Fixed flow meter

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

2 static relay outputs (50 V – 10 mA) usable as frequency outputs (up to 1KHz)

Optional inputs/outputs

Up to 4 modules to choose from:

  • 1 isolated, active analogue output: current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 static relay outputs usable as frequency outputs (up to 1kHz),
  • 2 isolated, passive current inputs 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 isolated, passive analogue 0-10V inputs: 0 to 15V voltage,
  • 2 PT100/PT1000 temperature inputs – taking up the physical space of 2 modules,
  • 2 contact 5V inputs (pulse or state).


IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Oscilloscope function (echo displayed)
  • Gain
  • Quality index

Maximum number of speed chord

4 chords

Available models

  • Single pipe
  • Multi-pipe

Typical applications
  • Drinking/raw water: Measuring flow rate and metering, supervising networks, etc.
  • Waste water: Measuring flow rate in pumping stations, at purification plant intakes/outputs, in networks, etc.
  • Environmental engineering: Energy balance report.
  • Chemical products: Measuring the flow rate of acids, chlorides, overheated water, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical sector: Demineralised water system processes, etc.
  • Automotiveagri-food, energy, etc.

Downmoad Uf 821 datasheet.
Click the following link for our explosion-proof model: Uf 841.

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