Rivers and natural environments

Monitoring floods is one of the major challenges facing the environment regional directorates. In this context, Ultraflux plays an important part by supplying reliable and accurate flow measurements on numerous rivers and waterways in France and abroad.

Ultraflux expertise


We have many years experience in monitoring river flow rates in France. One prime example concerns the installation of ten measurement points on the Seine upstream and downstream of Paris. We have also equipped the canals serving the reservoir lakes in the forêt d’Orient (Grands lacs de Seine). The purpose of these reservoir lakes is to regulate the flow of the Seine, Marne, Yonne and Aube rivers upstream of Paris.

Natural environments

Our flow meters are also used to monitor instream flows in natural environments, whether for monitoring pumped waters from a drinking water catchment area or the release of water from a hydraulic dam. These instream flows are strictly regulated and are intended for the conservation of local fauna and flora. One of the major advantages of our flow meters lies in the possibility of measuring flows during low-water periods.

Operation of our flow meters

For further information on the operation of our flow meters, please visit the following pages:
Free surface flow rate measurement