Ultraflux has specialised in ultrasound instrumentation since 1974, developing, manufacturing and selling solutions based on the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. This method enables non-intrusive, permanent, portable and bi-directional flow measurements to be taken.


The Ultraflux range is primarily made up of flow meters and detectors. It includes:

  • Portable flow meters,
  • Fixed flow meters for full pipe flows,
  • Fixed flow meters for free surface flows,
  • Sphere and scraper detectors,
  • Interface detectors,
  • Level measurements,
  • Measurement spools.

Each flow meter or detector is comprised of the following:

  • A converter (using the flow rate calculation algorithm),
  • A pair of probes (enabling ultrasound waves to be transmitted/received via a piezoresistive element).

Our converters may be single- or multi-chord and combined with probes:

  • Insertion (or intrusive),
  • External (or clamp-on),
  • Wetted (for rivers).


Our products can be used to:

  • Measure the flow rate of liquid fluid in a full pipe,
  • Measure free surface flow rate: open channels, sewers and rivers,
  • Measure the flow rate in non-full pipes,
  • Measure the flow rate of gas fluid,
  • Detect spheres and scrapers in the oil sector,
  • Detect interfaces: a change of product in pipelines,
  • Measure underground storage levels (gas and oil products), etc.

Custom-built solutions

Thanks to our expertise and the adaptability of our design office, Ultraflux is also able to respond to specific market requirements by offering custom-built solutions adapted to specific applications/conditions. Our team can also manage “turnkey” projects, either using standard products or special solutions based in customers specifications.


Both fixed and portable versions of Ultraflux products are used in the following business sectors:

  • Drinking water and purification,
  • Environment and irrigation,
  • The chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • The pharmaceutical industry,
  • The oil industry,
  • The engineering industry,
  • The agri-food industry,
  • Energy (nuclear and hydropower, etc.),
  • Design offices,
  • Environmental engineering…

Ultraflux flow meters make it possible to measure the flow of any type of homogeneous fluid (liquid or gas), on any type of homogeneous material, intrusively or non-intrusively, continually or occasionally.