Today, renewable energies have become a major issue for governments in the developed countries.

In this context, hydroelectricity is growing rapidly across the globe. With its 2,000 hydroelectric power plants, France is one of the countries in Europe where this energy is the most developed. With expertise in the specificities associated with this sector and the suitability of its products to the problems encountered, Ultraflux has become a strategic partner for the managing and monitoring these hydroelectric plants. Ultraflux flow meters are installed in hydroelectric power plants throughout the world (France, South Africa, Scotland, Georgia, etc.).

Ultraflux expertise

Overspeed measurement

Penstock flow rate measurement is one of the applications most commonly encountered and equipped by Ultraflux. The associated measurement(s) enable control of the head gate shut-off in the event of pipeline rupture. This measurement is vital for the security and continuity of the plant and the valley below. This is why Ultraflux flow meters (reliable and robust), coupled, according to client’s requirement, with clamp-on or intrusive probes have become a reference for replacing mechanical pallets.

Efficiency control

Ultraflux regularly installs equipment as part of the controls on the efficiency of hydroelectric power plants. The most important aspect here is the guarantee of a reliable and accurate measurement in real operating conditions.

Instream flow measurement

Ultraflux is one of the few companies to develop and manufacture ultrasound transit time difference flow meters for both full pipe flows and free surface flows. This is why Ultraflux is able to comply with the new directives concerning instream flow measurements.

Concrete cases of ultrasound flow measurement


Hydroelectricity application sheet