Channels and engineered constructions

Ultraflux ultrasound flow meters and probes provide a complete, reliable and accurate solution for flow measurement on navigation channels and engineered constructions.

Ultraflux expertise

Navigation channels and engineered constructions

Our surface flow version flow meters are used to measure flows in various navigation channels (diversion channel, side channel, access channel, maritime channel, etc.) and varied constructions such as storm water overflows. The intrinsic accuracy of our devices and their capacity to measure several speed profiles at several heights enables them to assess all the different profiles associated with flow variation dependent on climatic conditions (wide dynamic measurement range).

Irrigation or supply channels

Our flow meters and probes are also widely used in the irrigation sector where flow measurement is crucial for agriculture. The use of ultrasound flow meters is especially suited for this type of construction because it offers:

  • a wide dynamic measuring range,
  • acceptance of different speed profiles (up to 8 chords),
  • complete integration of the diameter of the construction (entire diameter),
  • detailed definition of this diameter in 20 points height/width, right/left,

We have installed numerous devices throughout the world and in particular in Egypt, Morocco and Iran.

Concrete cases of ultrasound flow measurement
Operation of our devices

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