A pioneer company in the field of ultrasound flow meters, Ultraflux has an extensive installed base of devices around the world.

Our company is able to respond to many different problems and is present in numerous activity sectors. The Applications section on our Internet site presents concrete cases where our devices are used in the field.

Why an Applications section?

Discover our flow meters in action

In this Applications section you will find examples of use of our fixed and portable flow meters for measuring liquids or gases, in single and multi chord versions, both on full pipe and free surface flow applications.

Differentiating our three types of probes

This part presents our different types of probes (clamp-on / insertion or intrusive / wetted) in measurement situation and their use.

View our detectors in situation

This section also presents practical cases based on the use of our sphere and scraper and pig detectors and our interface detectors.


All our application cases are illustrated by photographs.
Any utilisation, reproduction, distribution or publication of these images by a third party is strictly prohibited without the express authorisation of Ultraflux SA.