Uf 831

The Ultraflux Uf 831 flow meter uses dual DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology for echo measurement in difficult conditions. This device also includes up to ten input/output modules, a 536,886 data item store and optional communication module enabling dialogue with most common protocols (including Ethernet). The Uf 831 guarantees reliable, accurate and stable results even in extreme measurement conditions.

Nature of equipment

Fixed flow meter

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 2 static relay outputs (50 V – 10 mA) usable as frequency outputs (up to 1KHz)

Optional inputs/outputs

Up to 8 modules to choose from:

  • 1 isolated, active analogue output: current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 static relay outputs (50V – 10mA) usable as frequency outputs (up to 1kHz),
  • 2 isolated, passive current inputs 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA,
  • 2 isolated, passive analogue 0-10V inputs: 0 to 15V voltage,
  • 2 PT100/PT1000 temperature inputs – taking up the physical space of 2 modules,
  • 2 contact 5V inputs (pulse or state).


IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Oscilloscope function (echo displayed)
  • Gain
  • Quality index

Maximum number of speed chord

8 chords

Available models

  • Single pipe
  • Multi-pipe

Typical applications

  • Aeraulics: Measuring air flow rate for test benches.
  • Raw water and drinking water: Flow measurement and metering, process control, system supervision, etc.
  • Climate engineering: Water metering (hot or cold) for air conditioning.
  • Chemical products, even aggressive liquids: Process control, system management, etc.
  • Food/farming products
  • Crude oil: Management of samplers for controlling loading/unloading, etc.
  • Refined oil products or liquefied gas (LPG): Regulation and control of transport system, etc.
  • Energy: Calculation of the yield from hydroelectric power stations.

Download Uf 831 datasheet.

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