Flow rate measurement of a canal


In response to the large-scale floods that hit Paris and the surrounding region in 1910 and 1924, a wide-reaching redevelopment plan for the Seine basin and its tributaries was implemented upstream of the capital. Work to protect and regulate the groundwater system was carried out with the aim of limiting high water levels in the Seine and protecting Paris and its suburbs from the risk of flooding.


The application that interests us is situated in the region of Troyes on a feeder canal, called the Baires canal. Its level fluctuates in order to regulate the Seine. The measurement point is situated on the canal, just below a bridge, and consists of a flow rate measurement for managing high water levels. The distance between the banks is around 7.6m.


Uf 831 CO dual-chord converter SM 1684 wetted probes
Convertisseur Uf 831 Sonde mouillée SM 1684
This converter can be used to take reliable and precise measurements of any type of free surface flow. Two pairs of probes are used to improve precision via two measurement chords.


Assuming we have the available straight lengths and knowledge of the installation, the measurement uncertainty can be around 2 % for this type of application.


  • Continuous measurements,
  • Dynamic measurements,
  • Repeatability,
  • Quick installation.