Minisonic PSD

The Minisonic PSD sphere detector offers reliable detection even in the case of contiguous spheres. This device is used to control the transmission and reception of petroleum product physical separators or cleaning scrapers inside hydrocarbon pipelines. This detector can be placed without obstructing the flow and hence without hindering the passage of the spheres/scrapers and removed in load for verification without interrupting the transport.

Nature of equipment

Pig and scraper detector

Media measured

Liquids and gas

Pipe diameters

  • From 100 mm to 1 500 mm
  • From 4’’to 60’’

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

2 static relay outputs

Optional inputs/outputs


IP 67


Jusqu’à 0,5 %

Available models

  • Standard,
  • Portable.

Explosion-proof enclosure

Available with standard model

Compatible probes (Certification ATEX Ex mb II T6)

  • SXN-M 1524,
  • SXN-M 1698,
  • SXN-ME 1691,
  • SXN-ME 1679.

Typical applications

Hydrocarbons: : Detecting cleaning spheres or scrapers in pipelines.

Download Minisonic PSD datasheet

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