Minisonic ISD

This interface and sphere detector is used for early detection of any change in the fluid nature and any passage of spheres (product separators) or scrapers (maintenance operators) in a pipeline. Highly sensitive and accurate, this device provides reliable results and detects the passage of elements, even a high speeds. Coupled with clamp-on probes, this detector represents an effective, static, no wear and maintenance free system.

Nature of equipment

Interface, pig and scraper detector

Conditions of use

On full pipes

Pipe diameters

  • From 100 mm to 1 500 mm
  • From 4’’ to 60’’

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 2 analogue outputs
  • 2 static relay outputs

Optional inputs/outputs


IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Available models

  • Standard,
  • Portable.

Explosion-proof enclosure

Available with standard model

Compatible probes (Certification ATEX Ex mb II T6)

  • SXN-M 1524,
  • SXN-M 1698,
  • SXN-ME 1691,
  • SXN-ME 1679.

Typical applications

  • Hydrocarbons: Detecting product changes in pipelines, detecting cleaning spheres or scrapers in pipelines, detecting oil in the drainage water of cleaning tanks, etc.
  • Subsea: Monitoring the nature of hydrocarbons at the tanker output, etc.
  • Offshore.

Download Minisonic ISD datasheet.

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