Purchasing a flow meter

Ultraflux is a French manufacturer of ultrasound flow meters and detectors. The instrumentation is available for purchase following the systematic presentation of a detailed quotation presenting the characteristics of the products proposed.

A few precisions

Flow meter purchases – standard range

A flow meter is a complex product that always requires an in-depth study of the application and utilisation conditions before choosing a model. This is why Ultraflux does not have an on-line sales site. You will always have contact with our sales team before receiving our quotation or purchasing our equipment.

Flow meter purchases – custom-built products

Ultraflux develops custom-built products that meet particular application conditions or specific requirements perfectly. For more information on this type of product, please refer to our Studies and custom-built products page.

Explore the Ultraflux range

To find out more about Ultraflux products, just consult the product pages using the links below.

Ultrasonic flow meters

Portable flow meters
Flow meters for liquids – full pipes
Flow meters – free surface flows
Flow meters – gas application

Pig and scraper detectors

Pig and scraper detectors

Interface and sphere detectors

Interface detectors


External probes
Intrusives probes
Wetted probes
ATEX certified probes

Contact the Ultraflux sales department

For further information about the Ultraflux range or for precisions regarding your application, please contact our sales team!

Ultraflux address

Bâtiment Texas
9 Allée Rosa Luxemburg
Éragny Parc – Parc des Bellevues
95610 Éragny sur Oise

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Ultraflux telephone numbers

Sales Team, France: +33 (0)1 30 27 27 59
Sales Team, Exports: +33 (0)1 30 27 27 37

Request a quotation on-line

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Quotation for flow meters or detectors

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Would you prefer to hire a flow meter? In this case, please refer to our Flow meter hire page.