Minisonic 600

Reliable and robust, the Minisonic 600 ultrasound flow meter can carry out flow measurement on pipes up to 630 mm. Its electronic board enables it to adapt to all cases thanks to a high output power, high performance gain receiver, noise attenuation (+20 to +30 dB to the result) and signal and measurement digital processing.

Nature of equipment

Fixed flow meter

Standard mounted inputs/outputs

  • 2 current outputs, 4-20mA (1000Ω galvanically isolated as a passive output/impedance of 150Ω as an active output),
  • 2 static relay outputs (100V – 100mA – 10VA max).

Optional inputs/outputs


IP 67


Up to 0,5 %

Troubleshooting help

  • Gain
  • Quality index

Maximum number of speed chord


Available models

  • Standard
  • Dual pipe (identical probes)
  • Dual probe

Typical applications

  • Drinking water: Flow measurement and metering in treatment works, abstraction metering, system control, etc.
  • Waste water: Flow measurement at pumping stations, in systems, at intakes/outlets in treatment works, etc.
  • Raw water: Flow measurement in fire mains, system supervision, etc.
  • Chemical products: Flow measurement for acids, chlorides, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical sector: Ultrapure water flows, agressive liquids flow measurement, etc.
  • Automotive, food and farming, energy, etc.

Download Minisonic 600 datasheet.

Discover a Minisonic 600 in use: Flow rate measurement of superheated water.

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