6 July 2017

New portable Flowmeter Minisonic II

Ultraflux reinvents the Minisonic P portable ultrasonic flowmeter on the principle of “transit time”. This field device allows the measurement of the flow of water […]

9 May 2016

Quick Presentation of UF 801 P kit case

2 September 2015

The UF821CO/RV flow meter: for the free surface flows

This fixed ultrasonic flow meter is perfect for measuring free surface flows. It is equipped with a Multi-variable data logger, a Mathematical functions generator, an Optional HART protocole and an input/output modules.

20 July 2015

Debitmeter UF801P: the perfect flow meter for your diagnosis

This ultrasonic portable flow meter enables you to carry out your maintenance operations with ease. A genuine in-the-field device, the external probes and high degree of autonomy of the Uf 801 P make it THE perfect portable flow meter for your diagnostics and controls

2 March 2017

Why ULTRAFLUX did choose the “transit time difference method” ?

Among the different ultrasonic methods used for the measurement of fluid velocity, the method of the” transit time difference ” is the most accurate and […]

14 September 2015


Ultraflux France is glad to present you the brand new website of our Thaï subsidiary USEA. They have a created a new design for the website and you can also find a flow meter rental service. Do not hesitate to visit the website to discover our product range (ultrasonic flow meters) !

17 August 2015

The UF811 CP: one of the latest flowmeters of Ultraflux’s product range

The UF811 CP is ideal for measuring the flow of drinking, waste, demineralised and purified water networks as well as any other fluid transparent to ultrasound. Ultraflux, with this device, confirms its expertise in ultrasonic wave transit time difference. The device is available in 5 versions: Standard, Dual pipe, Dual chord, Calorimeter, Dual calorimeter.

9 August 2016

FLUIDIS, Partner of ULTRAFLUX in Colombia

Fluidis is a technology supply, consulting and services company. Working for the optimization of public services in the water sector, with criteria for environmental conservation, […]

9 September 2015

Meet us at the SIMER exhibition in Martigues

Ultraflux will be at the SIMER exhibition at “La Halle de Martigues” on September 23rd and 24th 2015 on the booth 17. Our commercial team will be pleased to inform you about our product range (ultrasonic flow meters, probes…).

3 August 2015

Hydroelectricity: First source of electrical renewable energy

The hydrolelectricity industry is growing fastly, particularly in France. Ultraflux is offering a large product range to answer to the water industry problematics .